Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Brighton Trip

Last Friday, I went on a trip to Brighton.
We started by visiting the Corn Exchange exhibition, held at the Brighton Dome, which was an opportunity to see some up and coming artists selling their work.

Honestly, I found this portion of the trip somewhat disappointing. I found the atmosphere a little stiff and uncomfortable, and the most work wasn't overly interesting or impressive. I did, however, get a free bag, which is super cute!

After that, I went to the Ink'D gallery to see the Jon Bugerman exhibition. Having been a fan of his for about 6/7 years, it was really great to see his work first hand! I even brought a mug and some stickers. The atmosphere of this gallery was a lot less stiff or pretentious, it was very relaxed and very enjoyable. I went back several times.
After this, I went to several graphic shops, such as a letterpress shop, a comic shop and more. I also got some frozen yoghurt. Totally unrelated, but it was delicious.

The graffiti in Brighton was beautiful! There was so much of it and it was all very colourful and gave a wonderfully artistic vibe to the place. I would love to see more graffiti like this, it was very inspiring.

Overall, it was easily my favourite trip yet. Brighton Uni is one of the universities I am looking into, so getting a first hand look at the area was priceless.

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