Wednesday, 5 March 2014

FMP Day 2

Today I did a lot of extra research, chose a name and started my logo thumbnails, so hopefully my logo will be done by the end of Friday.

I feel that I am making great progress with this project, as so far I am on 20-something pages (albeit they are double sided), so I think I'm doing rather well!

My plans are to finish my logo and get a mascot on the way by the end of this week. This will put me 2 weeks ahead of schedule, which will allow me a lot of time to work on my designs for stickers and badges (I had decided to finish this by the end of week three, but it is currently only day 2.). I want to keep ahead of schedule as much as I can to save money and time later on, for my shirt printing. Just in case something goes wrong with the printers, which it probably will, because it's sods law.
Either way, I'm ready to start work on my logo development on Friday and if I power through it I should get it done!

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