Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Yesterday, I think I finished the final testers. Having completed some prints (screen), I worked with iron on transfers, sticker paper and made some mock up keyrings.

The iron-on transfer blew me away - I was so impressed! The only problem was some mysterious fluff that we could not find where it came from.
It was very clean and clear and AMAZING quality!

The sticker paper was fine, but it wasn't glossy so it didn't look great. I will get them printed professionally, I think.

The screen prints went well, too, although none of them looked how I wanted them too.

The keyrings were the biggest disappointment, so I need to work round another way to create them other than the way I had planned.

I need to buy more t-shirts, print more designs on them, print out and cut out stickers, do my final print posters and figure out a way to make keyrings - and then make them.

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